Our practitioners are chosen with great care to ensure client satisfaction.

weavCarole Lane BA, INHA, NH, Priestess Weave, Bard, Mother Wolf, and Priestess/Adept of the fellowship of Isis through Hathor’s Mirror.
I answer to Weave. I answer to be being a Tarot Reader and Teacher, a Trance Medium,and Mystic and connect particularly to Nature, the Elementals, Nature Spirits and Fey. Whenever I read, I am healing, bringing about understanding and well-being.
It is what i do first and foremost, I am the spider, the weaver.

Within the confines of my spiritual studies are the following;
list-bullet Tarot Reader and Teacher of this discipline
list-bullet Reiki Master in several disciplines
list-bullet Master Teacher of Magnified Healing
list-bullet Certified Practitioner in Past Life Regression
list-bullet Level One Practitioner in Chiron Healing. This form of healing works
with the higher vibrations of the Electromagnetic field and encompasses Sound, Crystal, Colour Therapy and Psychic Surgery. It is designed to bring the body into balance.
list-bullet Sharmanic Drummer Healer to balance and align the Chakras

When I work with a client, I see your dilemmas as I read your chakras and they appear to me as moving scenes as I interpret them. My guides, either channel information to you or they give me advice as to help you move forward. This I do before interpreting the Tarot.