Past Life Regressions


Big changes are happening in the world – because even bigger changes are happening within us.As the consciousness of humanity expands, so do the horizons of the Self. We are discovering that our true identity is vastly more than we once thought.

Part of this evolution is becoming aware of our other lives.

Past Selves can be our greatest allies, reconnecting us with forgotten strengths, abilities and knowledge that can directly benefit both our lives and our world today.

Past life awareness is also one of the most powerful ways to free ourselves from current life issues. When we become aware of how problems began, they lose their old power over us.

Discovering our greater identity and the huge adventure of our soul journey opens the door to an infinitely richer and more meaningful world. As we move into that world, we can understand our higher purpose and enjoy a life that is happier and more fulfilled than we ever dreamt was possible!

Why not book a session to release the Past so that you can live in the Present.

Session: 2 hours plus a half hour prior consultation.

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Weave  – Past Life Regressionist (American School Past Life Therapy)